Year 1, part 2

Welcome to the Year One -blog! A series of posts where I, a fresh graduate, break down prejudices a youngster might have when entering the work-life rat race. My name is Martin, and as a young engineer, I try to write about work stuff that’s relevant for all ages, but with a young person’s perspective. Are the prejudices young people have about work true? Or are we just naive? In an attempt to find out, I will return to certain topics after a while and analyze what I have written.

Martin Ekman

The Green Generation

We are living in a time where the younger generation values sustainability higher than ever. Personally, living in a green world is close to my heart as well. How is this value reflected in the business world?

“When asked ‘What do you feel is the number one priority to make the world a better place in 2030?”, a majority of respondents aged 15-24 said ‘a sustainable environment.’” (-UNFPA, 2014)

To be honest, I am both scared and excited when I think about the future. There seems to be a kind of green revolution going on in the world. Companies and countries everywhere are setting impressive sustainability goals. But is it going to be enough?

As the years go by this “Green Generation” is slowly transitioning into powerful positions, in powerful companies, all over the world. Are the values of this generation making an impact in the business world? Or are decisions still made mostly based on money? Frankly, I don’t know.

What I do know is that whether the sustainability goals of many companies are profit-based or not, companies are beginning to rate their suppliers based on sustainability, creating a peer pressure effect. If you don’t score high enough, you might lose a part of your business.

Especially at exciting times like these, I am proud to be working for an awesome company like Chemigate, promoting green, bio-based products!

What do You think? Are decisions still profit-based, sustainability-driven, or both?

Thanks for reading!


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