Water Treatment polymers

PrimePHASE – A natural solution for Water Treatment

Our new PrimePHASE products are starch based natural polymers, used in the separation of water from solids. Due to their renewable raw material base, all PrimePHASE products provide an extremely low carbon footprint.

PrimePHASE can be applied to replace inorganic coagulants or long chain length flocculants, or to be used together with them, to boost their performance. As a liquid product, PrimePHASE provides an excellent alternative in cases where powder form flocculants are not an option or slurry make-up unit is not available.

The PrimePHASE application examples cover flocculation and/or coagulation of solids in treatment of industrial process waters, in mineral and mining industry, in waste water treatment, in sludge dewatering, in water clarification, in sedimentation or in improvement of filtration properties.

PrimePHASE is also your solution when renewable, bio based raw material base is preferred, e.g. in treatment of compostable waste. As SVHC free PrimePHASE contains no acrylamide, thus is an ecological and safe choice.


  • Does not contain any acrylamide
  • Effective turbidity reduction
  • Activity independent on pH level
  • Ecological and cost effective
  • Easy to use and dose, only a simple dosing system needed

All our PrimePHASE products comply with FDA 21 CFR§ 176.170 / § 176.180, as well as BfR Recommendations XXXVI and XXXVI/2 without any dosage limitations.