Water Treatment polymers

The new PrimePHASE products, based on chemically modified natural starches, are polymers for industrial processes and wastewater treatment.

Liquid PrimePHASE products, based on renewable plant-based starches, are easy to use – and an excellent choice when the objective is to reduce the use of carbon-based materials and provide effective turbidity reduction. PrimePHASE is free of substances of very high concern (SVHC), and is also a safe and ecological choice, as it contains no acrylamide.

PrimePHASE products can be used to replace inorganic coagulants or long chain length flocculants, or be used together with them, to boost their performance. As a liquid product, PrimePHASE is particularly well suited for applications where a powder product is not an option or when there is no dissolving equipment for powder polymer.

Potential applications of PrimePHASE applications include mining/mineral industry, treatment of industrial process water, wastewater treatment, sludge dewatering, water clarification, sedimentation or improving permeability by enhancing liquid-solid separation.


  • Contains no acrylamide
  • Effectively reduces turbidity
  • Works across a wide pH range
  • Ecological and cost-efficient
  • Easy to dose, no need for dissolving equipment