Code of conduct

Chemigate is committed to responsibility, high standards of business ethics and integrity as reflected in our values and environmental policy. The management and the personnel of Chemigate have worked together to document shared values that will work as guiding principles in situations where day-to-day work instructions and strategy fall short of providing all the answers.

Chemigate values

Chemigate’s values are partnership, innovation, flexibility and responsibility.

Chemigate emphasizes collaboration and teamwork fostering strong relationships both internally and with our customers to achieve mutual success. We adhere to ethical standards, aim to be a responsible and reliable partner in all our activities, and have a positive impact on society and the environment. Chemigate continuously seeks new ideas, technologies, and approaches creating value for our customers and stakeholders. We adapt to changing circumstances with flexibility and openness, finding creative solutions to challenges.

Ethical guidelines

We want to be trustworthy to our employees and other stakeholders. That’s why we have established ethical guidelines as the basis for our work. Our guidelines reflect our values and responsible business practices.

Every new employee undergoes training on our ethical guidelines, and current employees receive regular training on these guidelines. We encourage everyone to report any observed misconduct either to their supervisor or through the ethical reporting channel.

We expect all our suppliers to commit to sustainability and to adhere to similar good working standards and business ethics. The supplier is expected to comply with the requirements set out in this Chemigate’s Code of Conduct. Chemigate conducts regular audits to ensure the adherence to the Code of Conduct.

Reporting channel for code of conduct violations

A third party may anonymously inform Chemigate’s management of any suspected violations of the code of conduct, Chemigate’s values or legislation without fear of repercussions. You do not need to provide proof to back up your suspicions as long as the report is made in good faith.

Berner, our parent company, has provided the whistleblowing service we use as our reporting channel. In order to ensure anonymity, the whistleblowing service is provided by an external partner called WhistleB, Whistleblowing Centre. The reporting process is encrypted and password-protected. All reports will be handled confidentially by the Chemigate’s WhistleB -team.

Go to the whistleblowing channel

Please note that this channel is not an emergency number. In an immediate threat to life or property, when you require emergency assistance, please contact your local authorities or call the emergency number 112.

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