Chemigate Oy is a Finnish company manufacturing and selling modified starch-based binders and adhesives for technical use. Our main goal is to serve our customers with renewable, natural and ecologically sustainable alternatives that meet the highest standards of sustainability. 

Our main customer base is the paper and board industry and our markets are Finland and Sweden for modified starches, and Europe and Asia for our other speciality chemical products.  

We base our success on the solid expertise of our staff and close cooperation with our customers. We strive to meet our customers’ high standards, and to be a cost-competitive organisation. The good logistical location of our production in relation to our market area, and the latest production technology, support our growth. 

We operate flexibly, using the widest possible starch raw material base to ensure functionality, security of supply and cost-competitiveness. We have strong partnerships with suppliers of cereal-, potato- and tapioca starches.  Among our Finnish partners, we would like to mention Anora Oyj and Finnamyl Group.  Chemigate has an exclusive agreement  with Anora for starches sold to the paper industry. 

We are investing in development to meet the changing needs of our customers in the future, and to strengthen our product portfolio in other industries.