Chemigate’s history dates back to end of the 1970’s when Raisio Chemicals established Oy Kationi AB in Lapua with the task to start the production of modified starches.

In the 80’s Raisio Chemicals developed a range of different starch based products and solutions mainly for the paper and board industry. The development work was intense and the co-operation with the quickly growing paper industry was close.

In 2004 Raisio Group sold Raisio Chemicals to the Swiss based company Ciba Specialty Chemicals.

Five years later, in 2009, BASF bought the entire Ciba and with it the starch business. Immediately following the closing of the transaction BASF started a strategic review of a number of businesses that were transferred in the acquisition. As the conclusion to the strategic review it was decided that the starch business would be divested. A group of 7 managers from the starch business indicated interest in the business and ultimately the Management Buy Out was a success.

The acquired business included the native potato starch production in Kokemäki and Lapua, the dry strength additive and fixative production in Kaipiainen, the cationic reagent production in Mietoinen and the starch modification in Kaipiainen and Lapua. On the closing day of the transaction the native potato starch production was sold to another MBO group. This group will develop the native potato starch business under the name of Finnamyl and they will target the local food and feed industry. They will also remain Chemigate’s close partner and a trusted supplier.

In 2021, Berner Oy, a Finnish family-owned company, became the largest owner of Chemigate. Chemigate’s executive management will continue to be minority shareholders.