Sustainability reporting and goals

Sustainability reporting

Chemigate is part of Berner Group. In Berner’s annual report, you can read more about Chemigate’s goals, successes, and actions.

Sustainability goals 2023-2025

To look after the wellbeing of our staff

  • 100% of the business group staff will undergo Code of Conduct (CoC) training.
  • Zero accidents and zero cases of occupational disease.
  • In our workplace wellbeing surveys, our goal is to achieve an average of at least 3.5 in all areas.
  • Sick leave under 3% at the company level.
  • To exceed the national average in our 360 leadership assessments.

To verify the sustainability of our products

  • Zero recall of in-house products.
  • 100% of risk country suppliers audited.
  • LCA calculations for all products sold.

We will reduce our climate and environmental impact

  • Continued commitment to the Science Based Targets climate goal.
  • We will reduce emissions in our operations and throughout our value chain in line with targets.
  • We will reduce the amount of waste in our production.
    • Dry starch waste at Lapua: <100 tn/yr
    • Starch in wastewater at Lapua: <100 tn/yr

Gold EcoVadis Sustainability Rating

  • Assessed yearly.