Quality and the environment

Chemigate Oy’s aim is to operate in a responsible, environmentally friendly and safe way in all areas of business.

Our products are renewable and petroleum independent, which means our carbon footprint is incredibly small.

We are continuously improving the quality of our products to meet our customers’ needs, which we try to identify through regular communication with our customers.

Quality and environmental policy

We are committed to continuous improvement in quality, the environment, health and safety and well-being at work. We monitor our performance against various indicators, and implement preventive, corrective and performance-improving measures. Continuous improvement is based, among other things, on regular and systematic risk and hazard assessment and incident analysis.

We inform customers immediately of any longer-term interruptions in production, and make every effort to ensure sufficient product supplies.

We guide our customers in making environmentally friendly product choices, and advise on the correct use, recycling and disposal of our products. We guide and encourage all our staff to work responsibly to improve the quality of our operations, prevent pollution and promote safety and health.

We are constantly developing our products and services. In product development, we strive to develop products and processes that are as responsive as possible to customer needs, are safe to use, support recycling, are based on renewable resources and are environmentally friendly.

We reduce the environmental impact of our production by reducing waste and emissions, and by using raw materials, energy and other resources more efficiently.

Ensuring product safety is an essential part of our business. In occupational safety, our goal is zero accidents and, through product safety, we aim to avoid situations that lead to accidents. We comply with all local, national and international laws and agreements that apply to our activities. We are committed to delivering on the promises we make to our customers.

We regularly report on environmental, health and safety developments and maintain open and confidential relationships with the surrounding community and other stakeholders.

We also expect our partners to follow these principles. We assess the practices of suppliers through audits.

The company’s management is committed to the principles of quality and environmental policy, and allocates the necessary resources for its implementation.