Wet end starches
Classic & Raisamyl

The Classic wet end starches are wet modified, potato based starches produced at our sites in Lapua and Kaipiainen. They are the solution especially when premium product purity is requested. Classic product palette covers the most commonly applied cationicity range (DS) from 0,018 – 0,043. The main products available are:

  • Classic 120
  • Classic 135
  • Classic 145

Chemigate produces high-quality wet end starches from a number of different raw materials. Production facilities in Lapua and Kaipiainen mainly use potato, barley, wheat and tapioca in production of wet end starches with a typical degree of cationicity (DS) between 0.015 and 0.06. With the help of our wide raw material base, our goal is to provide optimum performance with reduced total cost.