Winds of change – Tom Schauman

Integration, change, organisation. These terms have been on our lips at Chemigate since the acquisition that took place this past summer. What they have in common is that for some they might have a bit of a familiar, but not all together nice, ring to them. Integration means combining or gathering two separate entities into a single one. When making an organisational change, an individual may feel like a leaf torn free from its tree in an autumn storm.

However, we must remember that change also brings about opportunities. People who want something new in their careers and who have done well in their current duties may now have a chance to develop.

Here are a few of those people.

  • Under the title Business Director, Kalle Kainu will take over most of Ossi Paakki’s duties in Finnamyl, as Ossi retires next year.
    • One of Kalle’s most important tasks is to maintain and even improve farmer cooperation alongside Viljelijän Avena Berner.
    • Farmer cooperation is led by Kimmo Pusa, appointed as the Farming Manager for both Finnamyl and Lapuan Peruna, and Farming Advisor Jyri Sirola. Kimmo’s team will be strengthened by recruiting a new farming advisor to Lapua.
  • Maisa Kantola is appointed Sales Director and will be responsible for sales at Chemigate. Maisa’s team consists of Solveig, Atte, Martin and Mikko. Kalle and I will support Maisa’s team especially in key customer work. In the team, responsibilities are organised as follows:
    • Atte Leinonen is the Product Manager for specialty chemicals
    • Mikko Nieminen is the Product Manager for wet-end and surface sizing starches
    • Martin Ekman assumes responsibility for the supply chain digitalisation project, Cerveza’s customer cooperation and the development of specialty chemicals sales abroad
    • Other responsibilities of the sales team, including regional customer responsibilities, remain unchanged
  • The marketing team will get needed reinforcement when Tuire Luomala begins her work as the marketing assistant

These appointments have already come into force and we can expect new appointments before Christmas. No phone number at Chemigate ever stops working. If you have any questions, you can always call the same number as before.

Let’s wish everyone success in their new duties.