The sports campaign is here again – And this time nobody is safe

Last year a companywide sports campaign was organized in Chemigate for the first time. This year the net has been cast even wider. The campaign is of course about a tongue-in-cheek competition which encourages Chemigate’s personnel to do exercise. For every 30 minute exercise you get one point. The points are collected in teams and the teams compete against each other. This year we have thrown down the gauntlet to other companies as well. Challenges have been issued to co-operation partners, raw material suppliers, old colleagues etc. So heed this warning, next year it may be you, the reader, who will be challenged. This year over 130 people from over 10 different companies have accepted the challenge. On top of this Chemigae has also pledged to give 1EUR to charity ( The Mannerheim League for Child Welfare) for every exercise point earned by an employee. Most of the co-operation partners have followed suit. Our target is to collect at least 3000EUR.