Sustainability for real!  

What is sustainability in practice – and what does it really mean, anyway?  

Chemigate has begun a ‘Sustainability for real!’ project to ensure every employee at Chemigate Group is aware of sustainability issues. This year and next, we’ll be focusing on sustainability in more detail – and we’ll be communicating more about it on our website. 

“Sustainability is a broad concept, and what first comes to mind can vary quite a bit. On the other hand, some of the basic ideas that most in our company already know they’re working for are spelled out in our values. In the near future, we’ll be building on this so that everyone will know what sustainability means at Chemigate – now and in the future.”  

Tom Schauman, CEO, Chemigate Group

“For me, making sustainable choices is important so the planet is kept vibrant for future generations. Sustainability practices are being developed at Chemigate, and one of the bigger projects concerning my work is the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). This autumn, we’ll calculate the life cycle environmental impact of five of our products in collaboration with Gaia Consulting.”  

Sustainability Specialist Hanna Hällfors.  

“We always review our suppliers’ raw material sources and workplace practices. If we do not immediately receive sufficient information about the supplier’s conduct compared to our sustainability preconditions, we’ll have a follow-up discussion and, on that basis, the necessary review with our partners. Our supply chain partners tend to be well aware of the importance of sustainability – and also of the importance of sustainability for Chemigate’s customers.”  

Procurement and Logistics Manager Kimmo Mäntysalo. 

“Sustainability is about openness, trust and taking responsibility. It’s also about being able to proudly stand behind your actions (and the products you sell) while looking your customers directly in the eye.”  

Sales Director Maisa Kantola