PrimeSIZE – a result of versatile expertise

Spanning nearly three decades, the history of Chemigate’s hydrophobic sizing is rich in know-how and close customer collaboration.

PrimeSIZE hydrophobic sizes are another example of Chemigate’s extensive expertise. Production is centralized in Kaipiainen, Finland, an ideal location in terms of logistics.

“The creation of a hydrophobic product requires many pieces to fall into place. Our broad expertise stems from a long history of working with all hydrophobic sizes, including AKD, ASA, and rosin. In addition, we have thorough knowledge of starch modification and synthetic-polymer chemistry. We know how to make things work together,” explains Product Manager Markku Nurminen.

Expertise in hydrophobic sizing can only be accumulated over many years of experience and product development.

“We actively follow the market, collaborate closely with our customers, and invest in product development. A broad knowledge base is one of the cornerstones of our activities. Expertise inspires confidence,” Nurminen says.

Easy storage and use

Among the benefits of PrimeSIZE listed by Nurminen are its extremely high stability, long shelf life, and superior retention of the product, providing excellent runnability and the desired sizing level cost-efficiently.

“It’s essential that the product remain suitable for use even if the customer has to store it for an extended time. Thanks to its long shelf life, PrimeSIZE is ideal for occasional or intermittent use. The product is easy to use because a separate dispersion machine isn’t required,” explains Nurminen.

The products are suitable for a host of applications, from printing and copy paper to packaging board and more demanding uses for liquid-packaging board and specialty paper.

“We recommend using PrimeSIZE in combination with our PrimePRINT surface sizing product. This will help you achieve the desired sizing level with a smaller quantity of size. The sizing level will also be easier to adjust, minimizing problems with the wet end,” Nurminen says.

Unique expertise

The packaging industry is booming. With factories often having limited resources, the role of the chemical supplier’s expertise becomes emphasized.

“We possess exactly the kind of expertise in chemicals that our clients need. Our product range is built on expertise, solid product development, quality production, and innovation. We have operated in the industry for a long time now, and our product selection has evolved over the last two decades. You’d be hard pressed to find a match for our unique range of products and extensive expertise,” Nurminen concludes.

Case PrimeSIZE AL20

Paper grade: newsprint
Raw-material base: virgin pulp (75%), recycled fiber (25%)
Target: reduced linting and dusting without an increase in cost
Dosage: 3 kg/ton into thick stock
Result: higher quality at a lower cost
a reduction in linting and dusting
a considerable reduction in the quantity of retention polymer (35%) and cationic wet end starch (20%) required