Movement over everything 

It’s that time of year again. A resolution made, perhaps, with burning passion. Or, at least, a call for action rising from within – soon. For good, of course! 

Don’t worry. Once again, we challenge you and your workmates to take part in our now-traditional Fitness Campaign. This year, the Fitness Campaign will be held for 10 weeks between 15.1.-24.3.2024. Naturally, afterwards your physical activities will continue in the same vein – even without the Campaign.  

The idea is to seek the joy of exercise in the pastime of your choice. Even moderate exercise will make you feel better and help you perform both at work and in your free time. And after the Campaign you’ll be ready to greet spring with a lighter step – and continue your exercise. 

So, cajole your workmates into a fitness team and let’s put our muscles to work. The campaign has a moderate aim in terms of exercise, and it is suited to fitness enthusiasts at any level. Each member in your team must work to gain a minimum of 2.5 fitness points each week – and no more than half an hour of exercise is needed for one point. Find detailed campaign rules here: Fitness Campaign rules.

Register your team   

Email us with your team’s name, members’ names, and contact person no later than January 12, 2024 at You can also email this address to get more information about the campaign if you like.  

You can support Kummit ry through exercise  

As in previous years, the campaign collects donations for a good cause in addition to exercise points. This year, our target is the Association of Friends of the University Children’s Hospitals (Kummit ry), which aims to achieve the optimum care for children and young people in Finland. 

If you like, you can take part in collecting funds for these activities:  

• In your registration message, tell us the sum that you would like to donate per each sports point you earn.   

• At the end of the campaign, send your team’s donation to Kummit ry.

Participating in the Fitness Campaign does not require any donation – you are more than welcome to join anyway.   

Here’s to a healthier you and me!