Joy of helping through sports  – Chemigate donated €2,000 to support the well-being of families with children in Finland. Joy of helping through sports  

A fitness campaign organised by Chemigate raised €2,640.60 for charity. Chemigate’s share was distributed to four different municipalities via Hope RA to support the well-being of families.  

Hope is a Finnish registered association devoted to helping disadvantaged families and families experiencing a crisis, striving to provide them with a good and equal daily life through donations of goods and clothes. Hope also provides hobby opportunities and recreational experiences for children and young people. I had the chance to get to know Hope’s operations better under the guidance of Tuula Luikku, the team leader of the local Hope department in Seinäjoki. 

“The donated funds and goods are always delivered to the recipients. About 200 families are in need of help in the Seinäjoki region, and this need for help is constant,” Tuula says. “The donated funds help meet many everyday needs, and, whenever possible, we also support the togetherness of families by enabling fun shared activities. Donated goods, such as everyday clothes like hoodies, are in high demand. Often, children start wearing their parents’ old hoodies, as parents need some new clothes sometimes, too. T-shirts and other basic clothes are very necessary to the whole family,” Tuula continues. 

We are touring a warehouse where each piece of clothing has been hung up tidily, according to its size. I can also spot shelves for linens, shoes and a variety of other necessities of daily life. We stop by a rack that is more than halfway empty.  

“The autumn is on its way, and we don’t have many jackets here. We especially have a need for jackets in sizes 130–150 centimetres. We could also use some shoes. Trainers of all kinds for teens, kids and adults, too, are one thing that is always in demand.” 

I asked Tuula who is allowed to turn to them for help. 

“The family itself determines its need for help. Some families come to see us just once, while others visit more frequently. The Hope association’s website has instructions for contacting us.” 

It is easy to see Tuula’s experience and calmness. She states that she has been doing volunteer work for seven years, now.  

“Volunteer work is something you do alongside your life and other work. You encounter different families coming from very different situations. My volunteer path started when I donated some of my unneeded things to Hope. I happened to ask whether they needed a pair of hands here, and that was pretty much it. It is very rewarding to see clients getting the help they need. It makes me feel really happy,” Tuula says with a smile. 

At the end of the interview, Tuula gives a tip to all the companies: they can also donate their time to Hope by taking part in the association’s operations, such as various campaigns. You can learn more about this and many other ways to help by visiting Hope’s website:  


Boardgames and toys are popular among our customers. Tuula points out that any donated boardgames should always be checked to make sure that the game instructions are included, along with all the necessary parts. 
The volunteer’s smile is full of thankfulness. “Thank you to Chemigate and all the other donors!”