“I want to be the world’s best hammer thrower”  

Sara Killinen, you’re from Lapua, isn’t that right? 

“Yes, I was born in Lapua.” 

What inspired you to start hammer throwing? 

“I’ve been attending athletics schools since I was six, so sport was very familiar to me. I was introduced to hammer throwing at sports camp.”  

You’re studying at Virginia Tech – why did you decide to study there? Could you tell us what you’re studying and what your sport and study goals are?  

“I ended up visiting Virginia Tech in the fall of 2019 with the NCAA, and during that visit I got the feeling that this is where I wanted to come. At the moment I’m studying Public Relations and Organizational Leadership.  

In terms of sport, I want to be the best hammer thrower in the world – my goal is to make it to the Olympics.” 

Free time is surely in short supply. How do you spend it when you get the opportunity?  

“Friends are very important to me. I also try to take the time to rest, since I have so little free time. I also like to crack open a book from time to time, and their topics change along with my interests.” 

Chemigate is here to support you on your journey forward. What thoughts does this bring up, and what is the youth’s outlook on sustainability? 

“I’m happy that Chemigate is supporting my sports career. Chemigate is still located in my hometown in Lapua, which is great too. For me, sustainability and nature are important issues. Things have been handled very well in Finland – for example, it’s very easy to recycle bottles.”