Better alternatives to synthetic products

Starch-based polymers have been at the forefront of Chemigate’s development work right from the beginning. PrimeBOND and RaiFIX stand out for their eco-friendliness, while guaranteeing quality.

Right from the word ‘go’, starch-based biopolymers have been at the forefront of Chemigate’s development work. This situation is unlikely to change in the near future. The PrimeBOND strength chemicals and RaiFIX fixatives are food-grade compliant, starch-based biopolymers that can be used to replace synthetic oil-based products.

‘For environmental reasons, we must search for alternatives to oil-based products. Sometimes these alternatives are the only option as the use of synthetic products has already been restricted in certain fields,’ explains Chemigate’s Product Manager Markku Nurminen.

The goal is to offer better and more cost-efficient products for the paper industry and other fields of industry.

PrimeBOND equals strength

The PrimeBOND high-strength polymer is used on its own or in combination with starch to improve paper’s strength properties, printability, and print quality. It boosts productivity and enables the use of more cost effective fibre raw materials or an increase of filler content In board applications, PrimeBOND has been shown to increase bulk, which helps to create savings by reducing the amount of fibre required.

It also enhances the functioning of modified starches, improves runnability of the paper machine, and helps to keep the process and process waters cleaner. When necessary, it also works brilliantly as ASA emulsifier.

Clamp down on interfering substances with RaiFIX

The RaiFIX fixative improves paper machine’s efficiency by fixing interfering substances to the fibre. Consequently, deposit build-up is decreased enabling longer operating times without downtime or service breaks for washing. It also boosts the efficiency of other chemicals. Compared with other fixatives, RaiFIX is unique in its low impact on the process charge.

Achieve easy use and dosing

As liquid products, both PrimeBOND and RaiFIX are easy to use and handle. The products simply need to be dosed and, when necessary, diluted.

‘We are happy to help our customers select the right product, dosage, and dosage point. This way, we can achieve the best overall chemical-efficiency,’ says Nurminen.

In a contrast to many synthetic products, the cationicity of PrimeBOND and RaiFIX does not change with pH or with the increase of ion concentration in the water cycles. This unique property is a result of the products’ cationic charge and ability to form hydrogen bonds. Adhesion is efficient and strength properties are enhanced.

Both products are manufactured in Chemigate’s plant at Kaipiainen, which boasts excellent connections to Finland’s forest-industry hubs.

The RaiFIX and PrimeBOND product families offer true excellence

The patented, bio-based RaiFIX and PrimeBOND product families are designed to enable easy control of the paper machine’s wet end.

  • Ready-to-use liquid form
  • A six-month shelf life
  • Little impact on the wet end process charge
  • Efficient turbidity reduction
  • Boosting the impact of other chemicals and enhancing production efficiency
  • Food-grade approved (FDA, BfR, and GB 9685-2008 approval)