As all of us have our lives changed Chemigate enters a new business

Chemigate has put into place a number of safety measures to keep our workforce healthy and secure the continuity of our and our customers’ operations. The measures include firewalls inside and outside the company, increased security stocks and stricter than ever hygiene guidelines.  The corona virus situation is monitored constantly and meetings to continually improve the measures are held on a daily basis.

”without our efforts things would have been worse”.

Most of those infected will come out of this situation none the worse for wear. The company’s values, partnership and responsibility, require us to think about it from another angle. Chemigate is now in the business of saving lives. Our efforts are there to do just that, save lives. What makes this hard is that we do not know whose lives we are saving. I have full confidence in us doing well in the midst of these new challenges. In the none too distant future, we will be able to look in the mirror and proudly state, “without our efforts things would have been worse”.

The coming weeks and months will be taxing on everybody, both mentally and physically. It is important to remember, especially if you find yourself holed up in your home office, nobody needs to do this alone. 

To personnel, partners and customers alike. We will pull through and we will be better for it on the other side.