The Apollo project was launched with the CanSat project in March 2018 here at the upper secondary school in Petalax.

Thanks to the CanSat’s, which are small satellites in soda cans that we built, we came closer to space, even literally in the end. The project included lots of really interesting teaching about space technology and the Universe. The enthusiasm increased all the time. Basically, the interest in the atmosphere was high from the beginning, but grew more and more. The same goes for the physical atmosphere. The vibes for the project were clearly higher than the balloons, even with the balloons at 10,000 meters and climbing!  

Autumn of 2018 began with a bang, a great one. The history course opened culminating around the cold war, beginning with the nuke. Some might claim history is boring, but this course was anything but. At the same time as the courses, the planning for the Florida trip had begun. The ideas were many, the days limited. The year had barely begun, and the explosive physics and chemistry course was already at full speed. Those who have attended this course may now, without lying, claim that they’ve done some rocket science!  

The interest for in project never faded, it continued with a leap. This was the final course, teaching us physical education. In this course everyone became drenched in sweat. It wasn’t easy, but it was still gratifying in the end with real physical activity. A lot was tried, as an example, the bottom of Vaasa swimming centre became familiar. The Toughest Obstacle Race soaked us again recently, although this time mud was included.  

Concurrently, a lot of money had to be gathered. A trip from Finland to Florida isn’t cheap. To be able to afford the trip a lot of stuff, like toilet paper and kitchen rolls were sold. Similarly, cookies had to be sold for some more profit. Selling these isn’t easy, but we managed to collect quite a bit of money. Because of the amount of money needed, our school also offered sponsorships to companies, which were visible at one of the events where a miniature rocket was launched, and on the shirts on our Toughest runners.  

Florida is closing in, with everyone’s expectations high. The planning of the program is more or less complete, making us all the more excited. The trip will be nine whole days. A great destination. Lots to do. Surfing, shopping and playing in a waterpark are among the things we will be doing in Florida, but the peak will be visiting the Kennedy Space Center. The hype is real. It isn’t easy keeping oneself in the school bench with it all coming up so quickly. It will take its time, and until then school calls. Soon all the summer attires will be coming out of the closet again and off we go! 

Anton Kortelahti,
upper secondary school at Petalax

My name is Anton Kortelahti, a student in his final year of the upper secondary school at Petalax. Technology, physics, logic and nature are among my interests. I find a pleasure in writing, as well as in reading. Something that I find absolutely remarkable, although I haven’t got to do that a long time, is driving. Overall, I am quite a positive guy, and thus, it is a pleasure that of all people, you, are reading this! 


Chemigate is a proud sponsor of the Apollo project engineered by students and teachers from Petalax Högstadium and Gymnasium High School. The project will reach its apex in the fall when the 41 students will visit Cape Canaveral, Florida. Chemigate supports these entrepreneurial students, one of which will very well become the first Finn in space.