Announcement concerning the cooperation agreement between Altia and Chemigate

Chemigate Oy and Altia Plc have entered into a long-term cooperation agreement regarding the sale of barley starch to the Paper and Board industry. According to the agreement, Chemigate becomes Altia’s primary partner, i.e. it will be responsible for all sales of barley starch to paper and board industry applications.

The agreement will enter into force immediately and will cover the entire Koskenkorva mill’s technical barley starch, with the exception of the agreements valid until 2022, as well as barley starch sold to the food industry. In the future, therefore, all native barley starch will also be directed to the paper and board market through Chemigate.

Chemigate has been supplying modified starch-based binders and strength concepts for the paper and board industry for decades, making it Altia’s largest barley starch customer. In the future, the same expertise and service level will also be available to our customers for various applications of native starch. In addition to barley, Chemigate’s main raw material sources will continue to be potato, wheat, tapioca and corn.

For additional information please contact:

Tom Schauman, CEO ( / +358 40 728 5014)

Kalle Kainu, Business Director ( / +358 50 385 9938)