Year 1, part 4

Welcome to the Year One -blog! A series of posts where I, a fresh graduate, break down prejudices a youngster might have when entering the work-life rat race. My name is Martin, and as a young engineer, I try to write about work stuff that’s relevant for all ages, but with a young person’s perspective. Are the prejudices young people have about work true? Or are we just naive? In an attempt to find out, I will return to certain topics after a while and analyze what I have written.

Martin Ekman

The jellybean flavor of a development discussion

“Where do you want to be in 5 years?” is a normal question when applying for a new job. But how often is this question asked when you’re already in the work-life? How do companies make sure to stay on top of their employees’ dreams, feelings, and personal development?

Frankly, this is something that I don’t have a lot of experience in. For many, the first real development discussion happens on your first real job. Sure, I’ve had similar discussions before, during my summer internships, but it’s not quite the same when you know you’re only going to be there for a couple of months longer. As I am writing this, I have had my first development discussion with our team leader, Kalle Kainu.

“Time to pop my Development Discussion-cherry! This is my first time, so please be gentle.” – Me, before my development discussion

In our company, we have this so-called “Better Boss”-project going on. With the project, we are working on the communication between supervisors and team members, everyone’s leadership-skills, and improving the leadership tools at hand. Supervisors are attending and organizing different types of educational events, workshops, etc. Many people have also put a lot of work into the guidelines available for use at the development discussions.

Before my development discussion, my feelings were like someone from Harry Potter, about to eat a Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Bean – Excited, but nervous. What if I go into the meeting expecting a nice Toffee, just to come out the door, confused, and with a taste of earwax in my mouth?

Anyhow, after the meeting with Kalle, a wave of relief splashed all over me. Phew, not earwax. We had a great discussion about my work assignments, goals, the communication between us, work culture, salary, etc. Everything you could think of. The guidelines at hand were great, and a big kudos to Kalle, for being so easy to talk to, regardless of the situation.

And the best part? It felt like the fate of the Jellybean flavor was hanging on both of our shoulders, and we have all the chances in the world to impact the end flavor, together.

But isn’t that what the whole point is anyway? To make sure that everyone gets a flavor they like while being in line with the company’s spirit and values.

Chemigate’s flavor? Awesome, so far.

What Flavor do You Want? 

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