In the yearly sports campaign organized by Chemigate an extra twist was added in 2014. We decided to collect funds for The Mannerheim League for Child Welfare and specifically for their campaign against school bullying. Together with our network companies who had been issued the challenge we were able to raise 3371€ for a good cause. The number of participants hit a record number of 137 persons from 10 companies across Finland.

Over 95% of the participants reached their pre-set target of two workouts per week. With an average of 4/week and 1€ in donation per workout our target was exceeded.  In addition the fitness of the participants was clearly improved according to tests performed before and after the campaign.

The target of Chemigate is to continue with the campaign and make it a fixed part of our work place health and working ability program. Next year we are going to again increase the number of pledged companies. If you have a guilty conscience after Christmas, maybe this could be a fun way for you to do something about it.  There is absolutely no reason why this could not become a global campaign.