the Bridge 1 / 2022

The newest edition of the Bridge is out

For many of our customers and stakeholders, copies have been tipped into an envelope and packed into a desk tray, but it’s also online for all to enjoy. You can find it here: This is magazine issue 12. Twelve, or a dozen as we old people know it, is also a significant milestone. A dozen, or duodecim in Latin, is a familiar number in larger egg cartons and the number of months in a year. But Issue 12 of the Bridge isn’t a dime a dozen. We’ve been hard at work again, and we hope you enjoy it. Our magazine isn’t just aimed at HC paper engineers ⁠–⁠ we believe there’s something interesting inside to read for everyone. If the Bridge were a food, it would be a build-your-own pizza, because you can choose your favorite toppings and you don’t have to eat the crust.