Super-Techie Paavo

SuperTeekkari Paavo

Our new blog-writer, Paavo

Early this year, Chemigate advertised for a ‘super-techie’, a student in the field of technology, to join its team. After a lengthy search, we hit the jackpot with bioproduct technology student Paavo Vallas, from Aalto University, in Otaniemi, Espoo.

Unlike other superheroes, Super Techie is not immediately recognisable from his costume: he is equally at home in student overalls and tails, in ice-hockey gear and industrial protective clothing, and in a lab coat and swimming trunks.

He says: ‘My main goal is to write in a way that sparks interest in the reader. To do this, I intend to exploit all three lifelines given to me. I’ll use “50/50” to eliminate two dull items from the possible blog-post topics.  On some occasions, I’ll “Phone a Friend”, or even visit them in person. But to kick off, I’d like to “Ask the Audience”. Please, give me feedback on my posts. Share your ideas for this blog with me. Share the blog. Five summers temping as a journalist taught me that nothing is more uninspiring than receiving zero feedback on your articles.  I’m not at liberty to promise you a gift voucher for Hotel Scandic; for that, you’ll need to turn to the brilliant Who Wants to Be a Millionaire presenter, Jaajo.’

In future, Paavo’s musings on all things to do with the paper and chemistry industry will be published monthly on the Chemigate website, We’d be happy to receive your ideas and feedback on the blog on Stay tuned!

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