Scirocco – full speed ahead

After the Scirocco –project was inaugurated in the beginning of 2012, a lot has happened. The process startup and the following product changes at customer sites have kept the production and sales forces extremely busy. Now, after a year from the startup, we can happily say that the investment has gradually started to pay itself back. The process runnability and the product quality have both met the set targets. By today, the majority of the existing Raisamyl wet end starch volumes have been turned to Scirocco, which equals to around 85 % of the targeted technical approvals. As a second phase, the work continues with Tarantula coating starches.

Despite the hard work done, the year 2013 can still be called honey moon. Not only are we rapidly ramping up the capacity utilization, but are also still exploring the full potential of the investment and its possibilities for new products and innovations. For us Scirocco is not only bringing the energy and environmental aspects forward, it provides also a wider operational window for our product and process development. Together with the existing technology platforms it will take Chemigate a step closer to its strategic target – a green future.