Product safety expert to Mietoinen

Raija SavolainenRaija Savolainen, D.Sc. (Tech.), has joined our team in Mietoinen as a product safety expert, starting in the position on 2 May 2016. Before this, Raija worked at Raisio Chemicals in product development for the Raisamyl, RaiFIX, and AKD products and at Finlayson with a wide range of tasks related to development and product safety. The topic of her doctoral dissertation, written for the Lappeenranta University of Technology, was hydrophobic sizing. She has also worked for the University of Kuopio, where she had studied toxicology and for the University of Turku, lecturing on chemical safety and risk management. Before joining the Chemigate team, Raija earned a qualification as a nurse and health visitor and also worked in occupational health care in Loimaa.