Miikka Laukkanen started as a process engineer

Miikka Laukkanen, from Koskenkorva, started as a process engineer in Lapua on 27.9. and is participating in a new polysaccharide modification line investment project, as well as production development and operations. He fits perfectly into our production mould, beaming with healthy self-esteem and confidence. His calm nature signals that there are no problems – only interesting challenges.

Miikka studied as an automation installer and electrical automation engineer in Seinäjoki. During his studies, he worked in Koskenkorva at A-Rehu as a process control room operator.
Prior to joining Chemigate, Miikka worked as a production engineer at Teollisuuden Voima in Olkiluoto, as a process manager at Operon Finland Oy and as a project engineer at Epec Oy.

When Miikka is not in Lapua industrialising revolutionary green technology, you can find him walking his Parson Russell Terrier or reading at home. Miikka’s favourites are melancholic Russian authors.

“A clear role in my own project with a completely new kind of technology, was what drew me to Chemigate.”

Welcome to the team, Miikka.