Looking for good people!

Chemigate is looking for two paper and board professionals to join our expanding team. If you think you’re up for the adventure get comfy, take a load off and keep on reading.


We are on the look-out for a SALES ENGINEER who can do business in both Finnish and English. Being able to make sales på svenska is seen as a bonus. You need to be a sales minded person who feels at home in Chemigate’s customer focused, relaxed but ambitious company culture. The pay is good but we guarantee that there are easier ways to make money.


The PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT MANAGER   we are looking for needs to have a strong competence in paper and board. We in Chemigate, we tend to know our stuff but when we don’t we will turn to you for an answer. You need to have a strong theoretical background in chemistry but we can’t have you be a full-fledged nerd either. You have to be able to sell your ideas when asked to do so. This also means that you have to be able to communicate fluently in English and be ready to travel. Troubleshooting skills are highly valued.
In Chemigate the future is in your hands. You will have a lot of freedom to operate. If this scares you then you should not apply. Your qualifications are important but even more so is your fit in our company culture.
You can find more information about the jobs if you visit Lakeusrekry Oy’s site:


If you have any more questions pick up your phone and give Jouko Karjalainen (0400 72 17 17) a call.