Exercise – what a wonderful excuse to wear baggy sweatpants

It’s time to dig around for your skates, skis, jogging shoes or what ever you need to get your behind of the couch and into sports mode. Chemigate’s Sports Campaign is here again to get in the way of your reruns-of-The-Office-and-chocolate marathon session.  The puck hits the ice on the 21st of this month, so you better get your abs in gear.

There is a special twist this time around. Not only will you feel better because of all the endorphins and bragging rights you are about to create during the 14-week campaign, you will also be doing good. Chemigate will donate 25 cents per completed exercise to Hope ry. https://hopeyhdistys.fi/ . Last year we managed to get people from their kitchens onto the track, albeit kicking and screaming, as many as 12.000 times. No really, we did. Let’s try double down this year.

To register or for more information drop an email to marketing@chemigate.fi

There is moment in the not too distant future when you will be feeling that natural high that you thought can only be achieved in Nike’s commercials and you want to share it with the world. Here’s a great corona-safe way to do it, post a pic and your feelings on https://www.facebook.com/chemigatesportcampaign/