Esko Hagren joined Chemigate as IT Development Director in October  

For many of us, Esko is already a familiar face. Our roots go back to 1997, when Harri, Paavo and Jari headed to the Raisio Group’s Excel macro course to learn how to build Excel programs. Soon after the course, Harri called Esko and asked him for a little help. That help has continued to this day. 

In other words, after a 26-year trial period, we’re finally letting Esko inside the house!  

Esko Hagren 

  • Based at Mietoinen. 
  • Lives in Raisio. 
  • Worked at Fujitsu Finland Oy in a variety of roles, the last 15 years of which were focused on various healthcare systems. 
  • His hobbies include travelling, hunting, golf and motorcycling.