Chemigate Ltd.

Chemigate Ltd. is a company dedicated to selling modified starches for technical applications such as binders in the paper industry. We are committed to supplying our customers with natural (starch based) products that withstand even the most stringent requirements what comes to ecology and sustainability.

Our main market is the paper and board industry. In modified starches we are focused on Finland, Scandinavia and Western Russia and with our starch based polymers we are able to service the entire European paper and board market. Our success comes from the expertise of our personnel and from the knowledge of the demands of our customers. We are able to meet even the highest quality demands of our customers and we are a cost efficient organization. We are positioned well in the market with regards to logistics and we are further strengthening our cost efficiency by investing in our production.

Our target is to be fully flexible in our raw material sourcing and to be able to offer any raw material that gives the optimal performance and cost to each of our customers’ different demands. Chemigate has solid, long term agreements in place with grain, potato and tapioca starch suppliers. These are Altia Oyj and Finnamyl Oy in Finland to name a few.

We invest in development to be able to meet the future demands of our paper customers and to strengthen our product portfolio in other markets. Our close co-operation with Technical Research Centre of Finland supports our R&D functions considerably.