Berner daughter company Chemigate acquires a controlling majority of Finnamyl Group

Chemigate Ltd, a member of the Berner Group, has acquired a controlling majority of shares in the potato starch product manufacturer Finnamyl Group, which includes Finnamyl Ltd and Lapuan Peruna Ltd. The acquisition strengthens the position of Chemigate in domestic potato starch production and consequently in the growing bio-based product market.

Berner will be taking a strong position in the Finnish potato starch supply chain through its daughter company Chemigate’s acquisition of a controlling majority in Finnamyl Group. The deal signed on June 30th will fortify Berner’s operations all the way from primary production to the manufacture and sales of industrial raw material and food products (starch and protein) made from starch potatoes. Chemigate became a part of Berner in June 2021.

“We see great potential for growth in sustainable Finnish food products and bio-based products, where starch potatoes play a significant role. The acquisition is planned to support this developmental direction according to our strategy”, stated Berner Ltd CEO Antti Korpiniemi.

Finnamyl and Lapuan Peruna and their existing staff will continue as daughter companies of Chemigate Ltd. The acquisition will bring continuity to starch potato production and give the contract farmers the opportunity to continue long-term development of potato cultivation. Ossi Paakki will continue as the CEO of Finnamyl and Lapuan Peruna.

“We are very pleased to have a domestic operator continuing with Finnamyl. Berner has through their actions made it clear that they want to take on a significant role in potato starch production and to develop Finnish agriculture. Chemigate is committed to continuing ongoing development projects and will continue to seek new uses and markets for potato-based products”, says Ossi Paakki, CEO of Finnamyl Ltd.

Berner’s agriculture division has been an advisory partner in potato cultivation already for several decades. Through this acquisition, Berner can now continue to grow this expertise by combining it with Finnamyl Group’s resources and the professional expertise of contract farmers.

“We need skilled farmers to continue to improve potato starch production and competitiveness also in the future. Finnamyl shareholding farmers and contract farmers have an integral role in the development of starch potato production, and we hope to further deepen this collaboration”, Korpiniemi highlights.

Chemigate seeks to continue to grow its business through solutions serving the domestic and international board and paper production industry. The company’s raw materials largely come from natural, ecologically sustainable Finnish barley and potato starch.

“Finnish bio-based products have significant potential. The acquisition will additionally support the reliability of our delivery capacity, which has become increasingly important to our customers over the past year. Finnamyl has long been an important raw material provider for us, and they will strengthen our position as a trustworthy partner for the board and paper production industry”, Chemigate CEO Tom Schauman elaborates.

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Ossi Paakki
CEO, Finnamyl Ltd
Tel. +358 500 860 043

Antti Korpiniemi
CEO, Berner Ltd
Tel. +358 50 551 3720

Tom Schauman
CEO, Chemigate Ltd
Tel. +358 40 728 5014

Finnamyl Ltd is a leading contract cultivator of starch potatoes, and an active developer, manufacturer, and global marketer of starch potato products. Finnamyl Ltd is owned by contract farmers, the operating management, and a number of collaboration partners and investors. Overall, the company has over 300 owners. More than a half of the starch produced by Finnamyl Ltd is used in food production and the rest is sold to modification for paper industry needs. The entire production of Finnamyl Group member Lapuan Peruna is used by the paper manufacturing industry. The history of the Finnamyl Group dates back to 1942 when the production of potato starch powder was started in Kokemäki. Year 2022 marks the 80th anniversary of the company.

Chemigate Ltd is a Finnish company producing and selling modified starch-based bonding agents and adhesives for technical use. We are committed to supplying our customers with ecologically sustainable solutions based on natural ingredients, which meet even the highest standards for sustainable development. Our success comes from the expertise of our personnel and a deep understanding of the needs of our customers. Chemigate’s operations extend as far back as the late 1970s. In 2021, the company’s turnover was EUR 72 million. The company owns three production plants in Finland. Read more at

Berner Ltd is a financially sound, family-owned Finnish company with six business units, founded in 1883. Its well-known domestic and international brands are a solid part of Finnish everyday life. In 2021, Berner Group’s turnover was EUR 417.7 million, with a staff of 604 people. Sustainability is one of Berner’s strategic key focus areas and we are committed to its constant and long-term development #protectingtomorrow. Read more at