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Our products are renewable, sustainable, crude oil independent and have a superior carbon footprint. Please contact us to discuss the work we have been doing around the carbon foot print values of our products.

Environmental policy

The target for Chemigate Oy is to operate responsibly, environmentally friendly and safely in all areas of business. We are committed to continuously improve our functions in environment, health and safety related matters.

We guide our customers to choose the environmentally friendly option from our product catalog and instruct the optimum way how to use, recycle and handle the waste generated. We advise and encourage our personnel to act responsibly all the time to protect the environment and to improve safety in our production sites.

In our product development the goal is to develop such products and methods, that are safe to use, support reuse of materials, are based on renewable natural resources and save the environment.

We continuously diminish the environmental effects of our production by decreasing the amount of waste generated, by participating to energy efficiency work and finding ways to use our raw materials and other resources more efficiently.

In occupational safety we have zero tolerance for accidents. All our operations comply with local, national and international rules and regulations.

We will inform the interested parties about the development of our environment, health and occupational safety related matters regularly. Our policy is to keep open and confidential relationships with the surrounding community and other interested parties.

We also require our business partners to follow the same rules and standards as ourselves.

The upper management has been committed to operate under principles of above mentioned environmental policy and guarantees the necessary resources to that.